In our Scientific Pest Management International System, we offer a unique pest control service with an emphasis on being responsible to the environment wherever possible without compromising results for our customers. We emphasise on reduced chemical usage with Integrated Pest Management techniques and work closely with our customers to achieve results.

Some of the technologies we developed and/or use include :

Our exclusive Perma-Kill chemical which requires only ONE to THREE treatments per year to control crawling insects depending on the area. This allows us to control ants and cockroaches effectively while reducing the use of conventional chemicals by up to 90%.

Dead End cockroach mats - our patented and award winning insecticidal mats for cockroaches, proven to be 100% effective over 3 months. Suitable for 100% residual chemical free requirements.

Insect Inn effective fly catching without dispensed chemicals. This machine uses not some but all attractants of the fly including heat, UV, pheromones, food smells and fly visuals for a total catch. Effective against fruit flies and other flying insects also.

Termite Condo bait stations for monitoring and eliminating termite infestations with very little chemical.

Detailed Termite inspections using high tech Borescope optical techniques and Moisture Meters.

SPM Cockroach Paste - our own exclusive formulation for effective cockroach baiting.

We are also developing exciting solutions in the field of building health:

In our strive to achieve quality environmental pest control for our customers, we often work closely with them and consequently have established a reputation of being a consultant to building health care. In this aspect, we have launched several building health products that are complementary to our pest control operations. This is consistent with our commitment to support our franchisees and to apply the very best that technology has to offer towards achieving results for our customers.

General odour control - ozone

We offer the OZONAIRE range of ozone generating machines which have been specially selected to suit our customers' requirements. Ozone has proven to be very effective in controlling smoke, food, waste and other types of smells without chemicals. Ozone is also an effective bactericide, virucide, fungicide and also controls yeast and mould infestations. Using Ozone is in line with our company policy to reduce the release of chemicals into the environment unnecessarily.

Refreshen with Nature's Cleanser - Ozone
Drain and Septic smells - Critical Bacteria Dosing

In many septic systems and grease traps, the natural bacteria balance has been upset. This leads to high biological and chemical oxygen demands creating foul smells that sometimes enters sensitive areas like hotel lobbies, restaurants, toilets and even offices or homes.

We now offer our own specially formulated Scientific Pest Management Critical Bacteria that address this problem. And we recognise the importance of no-human intervention dosing programs to ensure that the correct dose is delivered to the correct areas of the waste system.

Unbalanced and smelly systems are a thing of the past with our SPM Critical Bacteria Program.

Toilet Odour Control - The Floxy Odour Pill

This Pill, developed with the latest Australia environmental technology is now available through Scientific Pest Management. Using active oxygen to speed up nature's degradation process, we have managed to solve the toilet smell problem with a non-toxic and environmentally friendly technique.

Now you can remove all your automatic sanitisers and save money. All you need to do is to have your cleaner pop one Floxy pill into the urinal every morning after cleaning. That's all - and the smell will be eliminated.

"A pill a day keeps the smell away!"

The pill can be used in the drains that smell or sitting toilets that have odour problems too. Solve the problem and save money at the same time with Floxy.