We provide 2 main types of bacterial products that solve most commonly found problems within hotels, restaurants and homes. The products are available in ready-to-use form or concentrated form for auto-dosing using timers and mechanical pumps.


A concentrated, lightly fragrant Biological Liquid Odour Neutraliser and Cleaner, the SPMbac-W is non-toxic, non-caustic. Spray (leave on 5 minutes then rinse) on to shower screens, walls, sinks/hand basins to remove soap accumulation. Pour into bathroom/toilet floor and shower drains to break down and digest hair, eliminate and neutralise odours and keep drains, pipes and pumps clear.

Spray (do not rinse) into garbage disposals, bins, skips, toilets and around outside of septic tanks to digest and control odours produced by organic wastes.

For buildings, the product can be automatically dosed on a timed basis into the waste management tanks to assist in the reduction of odours and the balancing of Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) levels.


For use in laundry/kitchen floor drains and sinks, eliminates and control odours, digests fat, oil and grease in pipes, s-bends, drains and grease traps, to clear slow running, partially blocked drains and reduce pump out costs. In liquid form it can be use in conjunction with dosing machines to enable product use at off-peak periods to obtain maximum benefit.