Managing Directors :
Mr. Bill Abram
(Also Director of Operations)
Mr. Keith Slogget
(Also Director of Marketing)
Mr. Foong Leong Kin
( Also Director of Business Development)
Scientific Pest Management International is a collection of people working together through a franchise system across the world to deliver high quality pest control to our customers with minimal damage and disturbance to the environment.

As an environmentally responsible group, we recognise that conventional pest control methods and technology has always been insufficient to control pests properly and that there is an unnecessary release of toxic chemicals into the environment.

That is why we developed our Scientific Pest Management International System some 24 years ago and with this system of novel approach, application techniques and specially formulated chemicals, succeeded to achieve the RESULTS that customers are looking for while still remaining KIND to the environment.

This is Australian Science Caring for the World's Environment.